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What you’ll learn:

  • Learn to bake, fill, frost and decorate the perfect cake!

  • Create professionally looking layered cake with three unique designs: the watercolor cake, the "naked" cake and the fault line cake.

  • Use different techniques to create show stopping decorations such as chocolate sails, meringues toppers, isomalt bowl and more.

  • Learn how to temper and work with chocolate to create amazing decorations.

  • Learn my ultimate chocolate cake recipe with the best tips on how to bake your cake moist, leveled, and perfect for layered cake style.

  • Work on amazing filling and topping with the most versatile vanilla cream filling and a raspberry topping.

  • Learn the classic Swiss meringue method to creating buttercream frosting.

  • Explore all the basic piping techniques and the correct way of creating them.

  • Learn how to cut and level a cake in order to prepare it for staking.

  • Learn the art of piping buttercream flowers.

  • Make your very own home-made sprinkles!

  • Learn all the tips and tricks and what to avoid while baking the perfect cake.


Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?


  • There is no need in previous baking background or experience.

  • For some of the recipe, students will need a few baking tools such as a whisk, a mixer and baking tins.

  • For some of the decorations, students will need a piping bag and nozzle, a silicone mat and isomalt.

All About Cakes: Welcome


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Tools and utensils

Section 3: Lining the cake tins

Section 4: chocolate cake

Section 5: cutting and leveling the cake

Section 6: vanilla whipped ganache cream

Section 7: Raspberry coulis

Section 8: Swiss meringue buttercream

Section 9: Assembling the cake

Section 10: Crumb coating

Section 11: How to color buttercream

Section 12: "Naked" cake

Section 13: Watercolor cake

Section 14: Fault line cake

All About Cakes: Text
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