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What you’ll learn:

  • The basics of working with gum paste: rolling, cutting, gluing and basic shapes as well as understanding how to work with this material and storing it.

  • How to create various professionally looking decorations to set on cupcakes or cakes, as well as 3d models cake toppers.

  • Various modeling techniques ranging from easy and simple all the way to complex and elaborate.

  • Creating cake toppers such as the teddy bear and high heel shoe.

  • Creating a character from top to bottom, including how to create the face, hair, clothing and more.

  • How to make stunning realistic sugar flowers and filler flowers to create a showstopper flowery cake.

  • How to make small and cute models that can be attached to the sides of a cake as decorations or on top of cupcakes.

  • How to cover a cake with fondant.


Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?


  • There is no need in previous Sugarcraft background or experience.

  • For some of the models, students will need a few Sugarcraft tools such as a rolling pin, a Dresden tool and cutting rings.

All About Cakes: Welcome


Section 1: The basics

Section 2: Getting to know the dough

Section 3: Modelling tips and techniques

Section 4: Color mixing

Section 5: Ribbon bow tie

Section 6: Banner

Section 7: Cute miniatures

Section 8: Gum paste flowers

Section 9: The rose

Section 10: Filler flowers

Section 11: Teddy bear

Section 12: High heel shoe

Section 13: Ballerina

Section 14: Covering A Cake

Section 15: Finishing the Course

All About Cakes: Text
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