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"PASTRY SCHOOL - From Basic to Pro!"

All About Cookies: The crunchy and crumbly: Text

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the basics of baking from breaking an egg all the way to mousse cakes.

  • Understand the different doughs, how to make them, roll them and how to use yeast.

  • Make the various kinds of mousses and learn the differences between them.

  • Work on amazing fillings and toppings such as pastry cream, mango creamux, chocolate ganache, Chantilly and many more.

  • Learn how to create stunning breads, focaccia and homemade croissants!

  • Explore all the basic piping techniques and the correct way of creating them.

  • Learn all the tips and tricks and what to avoid while baking.

  • Create stunning cakes and get the best recipe for the most versatile cake that can be any flavor you want.

  • Learn how to temper chocolate and create isomalt lollypops.

  • Explore the world of photography and editing for social media.


Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • There is no need in previous baking background or experience.

  • For some of the recipes, students will need a few baking tools such as a whisk, a mixer and baking tins.

  • For some of the decorations, students will need a piping bag and nozzle, a silicone mat and food colors.

All About Cookies: The crunchy and crumbly: Welcome


Section 1: where to start?

Section 2: meringues

Section 3: creams

Section 4: cakes

Section 5: tarts

Section 6: choux pastry

Section 7: yeast doughs

Section 8: Croissant

Section 9: glass dessert

Section 10: mousses

Section 11: working with chocolate

Section 12: isomalt work

Section 13: final project "Entremet Cake"

Section 14: photography for social media

Section 15: vegan baking

All About Cookies: The crunchy and crumbly: Text
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